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About Us

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Our shop opened its doors in 1958 owing to Mario Degani who started his business with his children in Lazise as a small retailer of gas and camping equipment. 
In the following years the business expanded and introduced cleaning and houseware products (detergents, pots and pans, dishes, etc.) small household appliances (microwaves, hairdryers, hand mixers), hardware, sailing equipment, toys and  even electric scooters in recent years.
In the year 2012, for being in business over 50 years, Mario Degani was awarded the gold medal by the Confcommercio of Verona; in 2014 he was also honoured with the appointment as president of the Association of Combattants and Veterans of War.

Through the years the shop has undergone many transformations and in 2002 it was passed down to his son, Tuglio, his wife, Margherita, and his grandsons, Michele and Mirko. Thanks to the owners' dedication to work and their abilty to update each year, the Emporio Degani increased its sales volume and expanded their warehouse with a new  400 m²  depot.

The business  reaches its peak sales in summer months thanks to the arrival of foreign tourists (for the most part Germans, Danes, and Dutch) but continue there work throughout winter months as well.
Due to the enormous demand for camping equipment and its continuous change in the commercial sector in terms of ability to compete on the market, a personal logo and sign were created for some of the merchandise (THE DOCTOR OF CAMPING&GAS), which call attention to the assiduous and imperturbable work carried out by its owners.



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Dove ci trovi

Piazzetta Beccherie, 12
37017 - Lazise (Verona)
Tel. +39 045 7580040